Alabo Prof Dagogo FUBARA, 1952 Class

Alabo Prof Fubara is an Umuahian in thought, word and deed. He was truly versatile…debating society, dancing society, Scripture Union, Hockey, Cricket, Football except boxing. In the cadet unit, he was regimental sergeant major.Somehow, he always got the prettiest girl from the opposing girls school debate team as debate partner!! He reigned as House captain for 3 years since they were first set to do HSC. For 3 years, our class of 1955 knew not just Obey before Complain but..The fear of Fubara is the beginning of wisdom!!
Dagogo went on beyond Umuahia to be an expert in not only Land Surveying, .. mundane for him but survey of the heavens via geodesy. He was recognised when Nigeria turned 100, as a Distinguished professor which he is.
He has been a 3 term National President of GCUOBA.
He is committed to GCU restoration bringing his experience to bear. I know his N1 million for Ancients contribution is around the corner at which time I will ask FEDT GCU Fisher Trust to remove me as first contributor and put his name to avoid runs!
Dagogo is blessed health wise looking more like a youth corper. His current age of 83 should really be the reverse 38.
Prof Fubara is married to a wonderful young girl Vinolia Peterside from the famous Opobo Peterside family. She has remained the alternate mother to my kids. His children now in the diaspora have done well and make us proud.
Happy Birthday Prof, The Umuahian for all seasons.
Dr Ibe. 1955 School