College Anthem

The Will to Shine As One

Verse One
We lift our voice to thee, O Lord
To Thee we sing with one accord
To grant us through Thy Son Adored
The will to shine as one.

Verse Two
From Morning till the approach of Night
With humble minds, with all our might
We seek this gift which is Thy Light
The will to shine as one.

Verse Three
As all of us, or black or white
Beseech Thee now us to unite
That all may seek this gift
Thy Light The will to shine as one.

Verse Four
We beg thee now to show the way
That all of us may kneel and pray
And seek and keep from day to day
The will to shine as one.

By Edward Chukwukere ’47

Edward Chukwukere submitted the piece for consideration for publishing in the school Magazine, Charles Low thought it suitable for use as a school song. After an open competition, involving Principal Simpson, Low himself and some Old Boys, the school ratified Chukwukere’s poem as the official school anthem. Mr. Alfred Farmer set the poem to music, and its inaugural rendition took place in the chapel on 11 February 1951.