• 1927: Rev. Robert Fisher arrives Nigeria from Gold Coast (Ghana) and is posted by Colonial Government in Lagos to start an Institution in Eastern Nigeria.
  • 1928: Rev. Fisher acquires the land for Government College from Olokoro, Umudike and Lodu Communities for one pound plus tobacco per year. They thought the white man was a fool to acquire a desecrated land, used for burying the outcast Osu sect.
  • 1929: January 29 , School started as a Teacher Training Institution . Theophilus AMADI was appointed first school captain.
  • 1930: Government College Umuahia became a Secondary school and admitted new boys including I.D. Erekosima.
  • 1933: Fisher founded the school Magazine: The Eastern Star.
    1933: Students from other schools in the East – (DMGS , Onitsha ; CKC , Onitsha ; Methodist College , Uzuakoli ; Hope Waddell ; Calabar and Aggrey Memorial – invited to Umuahia , for Science lessons.
    1933: The Eastern Star became the Magazine for all schools in Eastern Nigeria.
  • 1934: Fisher started a common athletics competition for all schools in Eastern Nigeria later known as Fisher Shield.
    1934: Football competition for the 6 schools started and was later known as Fisher CUP competition .
  • 1935: First students to take the Oxford School Certificate Exams.
  • 1936: A.J. Carpenter, a teacher publishes his book WEST AFRICAN NATURE STUDY.
  • 1937: OLIFI , Peter and Paul become the first brothers and identical twins to be admitted.
  • 1938: Fisher retires from service and leaves for England . Mr. Tolfree appointed Principal.
  • 1940: School closed and used as Prisoner of War (POW) Camp for Germans captured in the Cameroons. Students distributed among the Mission schools , especially DMGS and CKC.
  • 1942: School re-opened under a new principal Mr. W.C Simpson starting with transferees from Kings College Lagos . AJAEGBO appointed school captain. Three Houses created in school – House 1, House 2 and House 3.
  • 1944: Chinua Achebe, along with 5 other students given double promotion .
  • 1945: Houses renamed – NIGER House, NILE House and SCHOOL House.
  • 1945: The TEXTBOOK ACT was introduced ,banning the reading of textbooks during games and rest periods.
  • 1945: Night Jobbing, (“Cockroaching”- reading after lights out) banned.
    1945: Ebong ETUK becomes the first son of a graduate parent to enter the school.
  • 1946: Students take Cambridge Senior School Certificate in 5 years while other schools take same Exams in 6 years.
  • 1948: Umuahia has more entrants into University College Ibadan , than any other school: Chinua Achebe wins one of three Full College Scholarships.
    1948: September, School calendar changed from January to September.
    1948: First Re-union of Old students assembled in college.
  • 1949: THE WILL TO SHINE AS ONE – The College Song created during Prep by Edward Chukukere. It is made into music by Mr. Farmer and becomes the school song.
  • 1950: School becomes double stream. School population now 150 students.
  • 1951: A new House- FISHER HOUSE- created and K.A. Harrison appointed House Captain and School Captain.
  • 1952: Mr. Low leaves Umuahia to start Government Secondary School, Afikpo.
  • 1953: Another new House created as SIMPSON HOUSE.
    1953: Assembly Hall opened by the Governor- General of Nigeria , Sir James Mcpherson . Former Assembly Hall becomes the Protestant Chapel ; former staff room becomes Catholic Chapel.
  • 1954: G.E. TANYI becomes the first student to score all As (Aggregate 6) in Cambridge School Certificate (O-Level Exams ) . His result was also adjudged the best in the British Commonwealth. Osun B.A. and Ekpete. D followed suit .
  • 1955: Eugene ARENE and EKE OGWO score all As , in their O-level Cambridge School Certificate Exams.
  • 1956: Under Mr. A.K. Wareham as Principal , Cambridge School Certificate Exams replaced by West African School Certificate Exams.
  • 1957: School starts accelerated stream and takes WASCE (WEST African School Certificate Exams) in four years instead of the normal 5 years (Accelerated students are Emeka Udezue, Fidelis Umeh, Eric Mangete, Caleb Nwankwo, F.Y.E. Ogu and S. Ifebueme). Class 4A renamed Class Lower V.
    1957: Ekong Donald obtains B.Sc (London) First Class Hons. in Chemistry at University College Ibadan.
    1957: Nwachukwu , Mike obtains B.Sc (London) First class Hons in Electrical Engineering.
    1957: R.H. Stone (Biology teacher and A.B. COZENS- Principal , publish their famous book BIOLOGY FOR TROPICAL SCHOOLS.
  • 1958: Peter Ezigbo sets the Nigerian School Boys record in 880 yards.
    1958: Cadet force introduced in the school by Capt A.K. Wareham (Principal).
    1958: Students offer Latin in WASCE for the first time , under Mr. Akabogu and West African History instead of British Empire History under Mr. D.J. Morris.
    1958: E.E. Okon scores A1 in Physics, Pure Maths and Applied Maths in London GCE (A- level Exams).
    1958: NWAJI , Martin obtains B.Sc (London) First Class Hons in Chemistry from University College Ibadan.
    1958: School reverts to a new calendar that starts in January. No students admitted.
    1958: Chinua Achebe publishes THINGS FALL APART, the first of his series of books that made him the most widely read author in Africa. This book by 2004 had been published in 60 languages and sold 15 million copies.
  • 1959: School takes the Cambridge Higher School Certificate for the first time. Fidelis Umeh captures the 3 prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • 1960: School wins the Independence Hockey Cup (Captained by J.K. NWUDE) and also the Football Cup.
    1960: Godwin C. Okeke scores the best result in the Shell all Nigeria National Exams for Secondary Schools.
    1960: Nigeria gains Independence from British Rule; School feast for all the boys and a Chicken meal was served for the first time in the school.
    1960: Nwali Offia and Umeh Fidelis awarded ASPAU (African Scholarship programme at American Universities) full scholarship to the USA.
    1960: Mr. W.E. Allagoa retires from the school , after a service as a teacher spanning 1930-1960.
    1960: Jaja Wachukwu appointed Nigeria’s first foreign Minister.Admission into the Sixth Form program thrown open to students from other schools in the country for the first time .THIS first set includes Fabian Osuji (who later became a Federal Minister of Education) . School Population hits 267 boys.
  • 1961: School gets new House -Wareham House- with G.N. Chidozie as House Captain.
    1961: Anochie, M enters Howard University and Nwude , K.K., AJENE , J ., Okereke I.O. , ATUORAH , D. and other Umuahians enter US Universities under the ASPAU.Program
    1961: Arene, Eugene obtains B.Sc (London) First Class Hons ,in Chemistry from University College Ibadan.
    1961: The Governor-General of Nigeria , Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe accompanied by Premier of Eastern Nigeria Dr. M.I. Okpara visit the school.
    1961: A.K. Wareham retires and officially hands over to J.O. Nwachukwu ( as Acting Principal).
  • 1962: EREKOSIMA, I.D. appointed Principal and becomes first African Principal of the School.
    1962: Eugene Ekong sets the Nigerian School Boys record in 120 Yards Hurdles.
    1962: OKIGWE, O. K.; enters Harvard University; Ofodile F.A., Amakor S.E., Ekong E.A.- all gain scholarships to US under the ASPAU. Program
    1962: Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam, Governor of Eastern Nigeria visits the School.
    1962: School first connected to NEPA for electricity supply.
  • 1963: Okon, E.E. obtains B.Sc First Class Hons , in Maths.
    1963: Oyeka, Chris and Igboeli, Gaius obtain B.Sc (London) First Class Hons , in Chemistry and Agriculture respectively from the University College Ibadan.
    1963: Attah E.B. enters Harvard, Ozumba A. Okereke D.K enter Princeton, Ukanwa enters Stanford and a host of other old boys gain scholarships to American Universities under ASPAU programme.
  • 1964: Ngere L. obtains Ph.D in Pure Mathematics from the University of Toronto, Canada in a record time of 7 months.
  • 1966: Ibe , Eugene obtains B.Sc ( First prize in First Class Hons.) and wins Commonwealth Gold Medal in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.
    1966: Ododo ,John obtains B.Sc (Ibadan) First Class Hons in Physics.
    1966: Several old boys in the Nigerian Army including Emelifonwu, Ibik, Okoye P.C.O. killed by Northern Nigerian Soldiers.
    1967: Nigeria-Biafra War starts, School closes for 3 years.
  • 1968: MADIEGBO, Alex appointed GOC of all Biafran Forces
    1968: KURUBO, GT appointed Head of the Nigerian Air Force.
    1968: SARO-WIWA Ken appointed Administrator of Bonny for Nigeria.
    1968: OTU,E A obtains B.Sc (First Class Hons) in Engineering at UNILAG.
  • 1969: ILOEJE , C.O. obtains B.Sc (First Class Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from, University of Nottingham under the Shell Scholarship program , and wins a Fellowship to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  • 1970: Nigeria Biafra War ends in favour of Nigeria. Biafra surrender signed on January 10, 1970.
    1970: March 19, School reopens with Mr. S.O. Ogujawa as principal.
    1970: Ibe, Eugene wins Gold Medal and D.Sc at MIT.
    1970: J.O.O Okezie appointed Federal Minister of Agriculture.
    1970: NWALI, Offia appointed Sole Administrator of all schools in East Central State of Nigeria..
    1970: Jerry ENYEAZU founded Rangers International Football Club at Enugu.
  • 1971: January 26, Head of State, Gen Yakubu Gowon accompanied by Dr. Ukpabi Asika, Dr. J.O.J Okezie, Mr. Femi Okunnu, and Kam Salem visit the school.
    1971: School scores 100% passes at Higher School Certificate Exams.
    1971: May 24, School celebrates 84th BIRTHDAY OF REV. ROBERT FISHER. Gifts from Fisher announced.
    1971: OBIANYOR , DAVID and OKONGWU, H. obtain B.Sc (First Class Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
  • 1972: Inter State exchange of students between the school and Barewa College , Zaria starts.
    1972: Mr. Agwu O. Uche, hands over to a new Principal -Mr. S.O. Ugoazi.
    1972: School loses to St. Theresa’s College Nsukka in the Finals of the ACADEMICAL CUP.
  • 1974: Donald Ekong appointed Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt.
  • 1975: School performs well in WASCE with CHIANAKWALAM obtaining Aggregate 6 (6 A1s ).
  • 1976: School obtains best performance in WAEC in Nigeria with 4 boys obtaining aggregate 6 and Onuigbo, MAC getting the best result in WAEC.
  • 1979: Lolomari, O. appointed Managing Director of the NNPC.
    1979: OSUNO, B.A. appointed Governor for OPEC.
    1979: Chinua ACHEBE awarded the Nigerian National Merit Award.
  • 1980: Gaius IGBOELI appointed Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  • 1981: Ben ENWONWU awarded the Nigerian National Merit Award.
  • 1983: IGBANI, I . appointed Federal Minister.
    1983: Chukwuedo NWOKOLO awarded the Nigerian National Merit Award.
    1983: AMU, Lawrence A. appointed Managing Director of the NNPC.
  • 1989: Kelsey A. HARRISON awarded the Nigerian National Merit Award.
  • 1993: OYIBO C.O. appointed Managing Director of the NNPC.
  • 1995: Okongwu, Chu S.P. appointed Federal Minister of Petroleum.
  • 1996: DAUKORU, Edmund appointed Managing Director of the NNPC.
    1996: BRIGGS, N.D. appointed Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt.
    1996: Charles Daddy ONYEAMA was appointed a judge in the World Court.
  • 1998: NRIAGU, Jerome awarded the first D.Sc ever by the University of Ibadan.
    1998: OLI, Johnny m APPOINTED Chief Medical Director, UNTH, Enugu.
  • 1999: UDENWA, Achike elected Governor of Imo State.
    1999: KALU, Orji Uzor elected Governor of Abia State.
    1999: ABARIBE, C. elected Deputy Governor of Abia State.
  • 2000: Ogwo E. OGWO appointed Vice Chancellor of Abia State University.
  • 2001: Theodore EZEOBI made a Supreme Advocate of Nigeria (SAN )
  • 2002: MBONU, Chika appointed Managing Director/CEO of Citizens Bank.
  • 2003: KALU, Orji Uzor elected Governor of Abia State.
    2003: Ngozi Okonjo IWEALA, wife of an Old Boy appointed Federal Minister of Finance.
    2003: Gloria CHUKWUKERE, wife of an Old Boy appointed Commissioner for Education, Imo State.
    2003: Mildred AMAKIRI wife of an Old Boy appointed Commissioner for Higher Education, Rivers State.
  • 2004: Lucius NWOSU made a Supreme Advocate of Nigeria (SAN ).
  • 2005: DAUKORU, Edmund appointed Federal Minister of Petroleum.
    2005: Laz EKWUEME awarded the Nigerian National Merit Award.
    2005: IMOKE. S.E. Dr, first president of the Old Boys Association dies.
  • 2014: Fisher Educational and Development Trust was registered by Old Boys as a vehicle to takeover the college from the Abia State government
    2014: The College was handed over to the Fisher Educational Trust by Abia State Government.
  • 2015: Dr Okey ENELAMAH, appointed Federal Minister of Trade and Industry.

Eugene C. Ibe (Class of 1955) provided many of the information