CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “A Book of Memories,”

The Editors of the Government College Umuahia book project invite Umuahians from all the classes to contribute essays, anecdotes, recollections, etc, to the book project. The subtitle of the book is “A Book of Memories,” and so we value accounts that situate individual and general experiences at Umuahia in unique ways. We are looking for anecdotal and intimate recollections of Umuahia. The style should be breezy and readable. Keep it simple and straightforward. There are no restrictions to subject for as long as they are centered around life at, or experience deriving from the Government College. Aside from some specific Umuahians whom we intend to invite as special contributors, every contributor will be free to address topics of their own choosing. Each contribution however will be evaluated for inclusion in this anthology based on weight of insight and relevance to the edification of Umuahia. Submission is open to all Umuahians from the class of 1929 to date.

This book intends to cover every period in Umuahia, divided along the following broad lines: 1929-1939, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1967, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009; 2020-2019. Each period will attempt to cover a generation, and hopefully provide a narrative of inter generational continuity at Umuahia.

The reign of the memorable school heads and the inspiring teachers in each era ( see for instance, “Sinulo and Sports at Umuahia in the 1970”). We would also like to see contributors give coverage to Umuahian achievements in sports, public service, medicine, the Academy, Science, the literary culture (via the magazines), business, industry, politics, Agriculture, the military, etc.

We will give consideration to contributors whose accounts reflect the culture at Umuahia and the events that vivify it. Those memorable soccer matches; the cricket games; societies and clubs at Umuahia; the Cadet Unit; inter-house games; inter-school meets; the AAA; life on the School Farm; Inspection and Parades; College Rules (OBC); Why the “Monsiuer” matters; classmates who grew to signal public accomplishments; Captains and Prefects, the great memorable House masters; House honours, the colours; the Standards; runs; bell fagging; and in short, why are we so blest? We hope for at least one contributor from each class. But we look forward to as many as possible.

This book will publish the class list for each class since 1929 to date, that will include the dead and the living of each class, with footnotes on individual achievements/accomplishments. An appendix will capture the Milestones in the History of the Government College since 1929.

All contributions must be in Times Roman, 12 point font, between 1,500 to 2,000 words total. Deadline for submission is July 4. We hope to publish by September 2021, to coincide with the reopening of school
All contributions should be addressed to:
Dr. E C.Ibe (e-mail:, and
Prof. Obi Nwakanma, University of Central Florida, Orlando e-mail: rexmarinus@hotmail com.